Priests Just Not That Into You

He's just not that into you

Priest just not that into you

VALLETTA, Malta — A teary-eyed Pope Benedict XVI responded to the clerical sex abuse scandal Sunday, by telling victims the Church will do everything possible to bring abusive priests to justice, and protect children.

The pontiff met with eight Maltese men who say they were molested and raped as boys living at a Catholic orphanage by four priests, and an unidentified blind man. (Aside from aiding the four priests in ravaging the orphan boys during almost nightly gang-rapes, the sightless man was not officially affiliated with the Catholic Church.) While the pontiff promised “Church Action” in “implementing effective measures” to protect children, he didn’t provide any additional information on his plan.

Benedict’s failure to elaborate on the details of his plan was a slap in the face to Victims’ advocacy groups who have been demanding the Church adopt a more concrete plan to safeguard children from abusive clergy. Despite the disappointment felt by the Victims’ groups, most did say the Pope’s stated desire to create a plan, was at the very least – a move in the right direction. Considering the victims’ experiences and painful history with the Church, being slapped in the face should be seen as an encouraging sign by us all.

There is one group though, whose members are actually upset that they didn’t receive any “Church Action.” The small organization only known as, “The Lucky Ones,” were noticeably absent from the meeting on Sunday. They were extended an invitation by the Church to attend the meeting, but the Vatican’s Press Minister despite the invitation the Church did not receive any response. The majority of Victims’ groups openly oppose The Lucky Ones and claim they’re sympathy mongers with nothing to complain about. The group consists of men who either attended Catholic schools, or lived near churches, and were able to reach adulthood without ever being raped or molested by priests.  Based on the Church’s pedo-friendly reputation the boys and young men, simply expected to be sexually abused by a priest at some point. For the men of The Lucky Ones, the question was never – if…, but rather when were they going to get raped by a priest.

While every member of The Lucky Ones confirms having had some contact with priests growing up, they were miraculously left untouched, which would ordinarily be a cause for celebration. Yet, they say not being raped or molested has actually been a bittersweet victory. They readily admit that the plight suffered by the group pales in comparison to those who were actually raped, and do not wish to take anything away from them. The Lucky Ones have called themselves a niche’ group who simply want raise awareness and help those who have no one to turn to.

The group says that growing up as the only kids in the neighborhood that weren’t violated was far from easy. Every member of the group has suffered, or is still suffering from depression. Too many say they felt inadequate, and harbored feelings of disappointment for years after the time period when an incident would’ve taken place, had it actually happened, but never did. Many of them also admit to still feeling somewhat guilty for being the lone kid in the neighborhood who didn’t have a nightmare story to tell like their friends did. Being passed over by boy-crazy priests left many feeling disappointed and like they were the outcasts of their communities. As a result many say, they felt a lot of peer pressure from friends to have a “normal” life.

Thankfully, they used each others’ love and support to fill the big emotional holes that had been gaping for years. They found their support groups so helpful, that a handful of them formed The Lucky Ones in 2006 to provide the same support and help others with similar stories. They’ve just recently begun to speak publicly at schools, and coffee houses nationwide.

If you have not been sexually abused by a priest, or know someone who hasn’t – and would like to talk to someone about it, or would like some more information on future speaking dates please feel free to contact The Lucky Ones at

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