Top 10 Health Care Myths

Mandatory Civil War reenactments?

Mandatory Civil War reenactments?

10.  Everyone will have to participate in Civil War reenactments at least once a month as part of the Civil War Reserve.

9.  Midgets/Dwarfs will be forced by the government to become the seeing eye-people for the blind. They will be on leashes or atop the shoulders of the blind.

8.  Government Health Care is really part of a secret plan for the very poor to become organ farms for the very rich and organless.

7.  Insurance coverage will be rationed depending on the results of an IQ test.  The lower the score, the less coverage you can expect. Sorry Nascar fans!!

6.  If you have a beard and you like it, you can keep it.  However, Government will never take its hands off of your beard….

5.  Government imposed limit on the number of children (3) citizens may have.  Any children you have after your 3rd will be taken from you at birth and their organs will be harvested, or they will be trained to live as nameless secret grandma killing machines.

4.  Hidden clause will allow government to secretly monitor you through your webcam on your computer at all times, unless you not all that good looking at which point they’ll have you doing extra weekend duty at the Civil War Reenactments.

3.  The proposed public option is really just a clever cover up for Nazism, or any other type of word that describes some crazy extreme government that we don’t have …..that also ends in -ism.  (How this can possibly be connected to the insanity and killings that went on back in day with Hitler is beyond me.)

How can he be Nazi, he's black???

Anti-Nazi signs as anti-healthcare town hall meetings???

2.  Government holding thousands of cute puppies hostage and is killing one every day until they pass the plan.  All children under the age of 13 are forced to watch puppy killings live via C-Span at school.

1.  Obama will rape, not kill your grandmother…. if he does she’ll love it, trust me.

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