Did Glenn Beck rape a woman in 1990? Answered!! Well sort of…

Did Beck rape a woman in 1990?

Does he have a ‘deep seated hatred’ for consensual sex?


Official Durham County Police report listing Glenn Beck as a rape suspect. (Click on picture for a closer look)

DURHAM, CT.  –  According to a recently discovered Durham County Police report Glenn Beck raped a woman in 1990. Calm down!! Chances are the suspect in the case is just someone who shares the same name as the FoxNews show host.

Despite the great likelihood of this being the product of a simple mix up of names-  there are some eerie coincidences that are worth mentioning. For starters, the crime remains unsolved. The manhunt for the suspect briefly caught the attention of Durham’s local media after numerous reports were leaked stating that the rapist, not the victim,  cried throughout the encounter. This led to the local Durham media giving the wanted suspect the nickname – “Crying Rapist.”


"Crying Rapist" headline on March 28, 1990 reported by a local Durham newspaper. -- Courtesy of Durham Times.

The local media attention around the case intensified after Durham’s Channel 4 ran an interview with Gwendolyn Sutton, the officer who responded to the rape call. In the interview, Officer Sutton claimed “the victim told me the rapist whispered the phrase ‘I’m doing because I love my country‘ repeatedly as he cried and raped her.” Sutton added, “before the rapist ran away he looked at the elderly lady and reportedly told her ‘in the future a brilliant black man will run the government and get it to kill you‘ or something crazy like that.” After weeks of exhaustive searches and chasing countless dead leads, the county-wide manhunt for the “Crying Rapist” eventually died down. Local media coverage eventually faded out as the town turned its attention to the town’s annual bake sale hosted by Big Betty’s Brownie Bonanza, a local town favorite.

 The "Crying Rapist" police artist rendering bares a somewhat strong resemblance to Glenn Beck. -- (Courtesy: Durham Channel 4 archives. Click on picture)

The "Crying Rapist" police artist rendering bares a somewhat strong resemblance to Glenn Beck. -- (Courtesy: Durham Channel 4 archives. Click on picture)

It is also worth mentioning that Beck worked at WKCI-FM (KC101), a Top 40 radio station in Hamden, Ct., where he co-hosted the Glenn and Pat Show, a local morning show with Pat Gray. However, the fact that Glenn Beck worked in Connecticut prior to working at CNN and FoxNews in no way suggests that he raped an elderly lady. Obviously, there had to have been another man named Glenn Beck in Connecticut around 1990 too, who also harbored an unhealthy and irrational fear of a tyrannical and homicidal government, who  allegedly wept while raping an elderly lady.

The case has since then gone cold as leads have been sparse at best, but this has not deterred the Durham Police Department, who have vowed to keep the case open. They remain hopeful they will get around to catching the rapist one day.  The whereabouts of the elderly victim are unknown as she moved away shortly after the incident. Considering she was 85 years old when this alleged rape took place, it is reasonable to conclude she is deceased by now. She had little, if any, known family and friends which made contacting her for this article nearly impossible.

Okay, sure he's a douche, but he's almost certainly not a rapist. Right?

Okay, sure he's a douche, but he's almost certainly not a rapist. Right?

Durham Police Department say any information on the case outside of the report pictured above was either lost or destroyed during the late nineties when the current County Sheriff took over, and literally cleaned house. What little information remains on the incident was made available by local Durham area media outlets, who luckily had some data stored in their archives.


An emotional Beck pictured here for an unrelated indecent exposure arrest in 1989. All charges were subsequently dropped after the victims said they didn't see much.

No one has claimed responsibility for the rape of that woman in 1990. It would be wrong not to speculate and pose the question- Did Glenn Beck rape that woman in 1990? If Beck is innocent, he should simply silence the allegations by denying them publicly, preferably on his show. However, the FoxNews show host has not even publicly addressed the allegations, instead he has chosen to sue a concerned citizen over starting a website devoted to controversy. The concerned citizen has even gone as far as posting a $200 reward out of his own pocket for whoever comes forward with proof that Glenn Beck did not rape a woman in 1990. The filing of the lawsuit seems unnecessary, and even borders on insane when you consider the kindness of the concerned citizen who is only trying to prove Beck’s innocence.

The tiny, dark, and tumultuous cloud of suspicion hanging over Glenn Beck’s head will only continue to grow and worsen- unless he publicly denies the allegations that he raped a woman in 1990. Until then, we can only assume his silence is an indication that he has something to hide.

Why else would Beck file a lawsuit instead of simply denying the rumors? Why else has Beck not responded to the rumors? Why not nip this thing in the bud before the authorities catch wind of this and they ask the same question posed here- Did you rape a woman in 1990?

More importantly, why has nobody been able to claim the reward by offering proof showing he did not rape a woman in 1990? This article should not be interpreted to suggest that he did, in fact, rape a woman in 1990. Its true purpose is to shed some light on the concerns and questions of his loyal fans and his growing number detractors. Especially considering that over 380,000 people alone have asked this very question on google in the last two days. As it stands, there is a complete lack of any explanations or evidence that realistically prove Beck did not rape a woman in 1990.

By remaining silent on the issue, Glenn Beck is only raping whatever is left of his credibility.

NEWEST UPDATE!!!!  Court decides Beck can’t rape and kill 1st Amendment

UPDATE!!   Beck’s attempt to disprove the rape rumors DEBUNKED here

FOLLOW UP – UPDATE!!!   Why Sean Hannity leaked photos of himself with hookers on purpose- ANSWERED!!!

BECK STRIKES AGAIN!!! Beck raped a metaphor and killed a frog on live TV for no reason

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Additional “Evidence”….

Maybe Glenn Beck has been here?

Maybe Glenn Beck has been here?

Numbers don't lie people, unless they were raped by Glenn Beck in 1990.

Let's get statistical on this- because a statistic never lies. Unless that statistic was a woman in 1990 who says she did not get raped by Glenn Beck, in which case that statistic would be a liar


churchsignHow could he have known back then that Beck maybe raped a woman in 1990?



Beck's modified CTRL button

Beck's modified CTRL button




(Notice: FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!!  The content of this site is purely parody/satire and is not meant to be take seriously. Again, this is parody/satire and is not meant to be taken completely seriously, or is it?)

91 Responses to Did Glenn Beck rape a woman in 1990? Answered!! Well sort of…

  1. Stella says:

    beck is a PERV!!

    And for that matter:

    Bush felt my tush, but Obama raped my mama.

    • Too Safe says:

      Correction– Obama raped your grandma.

      • Ctrl+Alt+Replete says:

        Correction: Obama shook your grandma’s hand. The GOP just called it rape. He told your daughter to work hard and stay in school, and the GOP screamed that she needed deprogramming.

        meanwhile, Glenn Beck has still failed to deny the rumors’ veracity by showing the world the long form of the acquittal papers, of which there is no evidence that they even exist.

  2. PTconference says:

    oh, goody! self-identified liberal democrats invoking images of the rape and murder of girls, and laughing about it, to advance their “liberal” agenda.

    sorry, guys, but this is just another example of self-identified liberal progressives demonstrating that they are disgusing misogynists. find another hobby, and take a good look in the mirror, when you have a chance.

    • bob says:

      I just want someone to answer this for me: is it true that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990? Why can’t I get a straight answer?

      • Ctrl+Alt+Replete says:

        >>Why can’t I get a straight answer?

        because the true answer is very crooked, indeed. It’s a tortuous path to follow to determine the complete scope of the lack of evidence existing to prove that Glenn Beck did not commit the heinous crime of which he has been rumored.

        If you think proving a negative is hard, try disproving a positive.

    • SandRider says:

      t*ts or GTFO ….

    • Jack says:

      Let me get this straight: the same people who support the death penalty, torture and secession, who have supported the purveyors (like Beck) of the birther conspiracy, the death panel conspiracy and the Obama “oligarhy” conspiracy, suddenly think themselves moral or even intelligent enough to lecture the majority on what constitutes an acceptable parody.

      Does that pretty much sum it up?

  3. P_nukem says:

    Lying and misrepresenting facts for a living has its dangers. Sooner or later you are going to fall victim to your own mean shtick. Baste in the juices for a while Glen and see how it feels to become a victim to your own modus operandi.

  4. KillingFlies says:

    Who’s laughing? The possibility that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990 is a very serious allegation. A lot of people are asking about this, FCM, and if Beck really did do this he needs to spend a very long time in prison.
    I don’t blame people for being concerned really. Beck’s show is popular with young conservatives and given that it’s only natural that parents would ask what kind of person is influencing their children.
    Lots of people are asking this question, and they deserve answers. Why won’t Beck comment on this issue and why has he thus far refused to release any evidence that proves his innocence?
    Beck makes a lot of jokes on his show, but rape and murder are not laughing matters.

    • BackwaterLiberalHick says:

      Glenn Beck did that? Hang ’em high! I can’t believe he would stoop so low. I mean, butchering Obama’s character is one thing, but deliberately restraining and penetrating an unwilling woman is no laughing matter indeed…


      I can’t believe we’d actually have to wait for a court to decide somethin…can’t we just throw him away, paw?

  5. Lola5656 says:

    Wow, the smear Glenn camp is really getting low. Making accusations of rape and murder. The boycott and harassment of his endorsers weren’t enough for y’all?

    What’s the “girls” name? This is so serious she is faceless huh… Pfft yeah.

    • SandRider says:

      ladies & gentlemen – the aforementioned general American moron !

    • The Axis says:

      Accusations, Lola? What accusations?
      I think most people here are trying to put this rumor to rest.
      (great, now I am getting verklempt, again)

  6. Matthew says:

    You fail to see the irony in this joke. This is a pay-back joke to Glenn for his rediculous justification of the Birther movement, where Birthers accused Obama of something they had no proof for, then demanded that he prove himself innocent of their silly charges. This is the same thing. We hear that there are “rumors” of Beck’s involvement in this rape, and yet we demand that he prove to us that he didn’t do it.
    The only difference between this charge and that of the Birthers is that this charge is not joke, until someone disproves it to me!

    Really? You didn’t see all of that? C’mon.

  7. NYesq. says:

    I demand to see the long form acquittal, signed by the judge, with a raised seal! Why is he spending millions of dollars to cover this up? Where’s the proof he didn’t do it? The only way he’s going to be absolved from all of this is if he makes a statement denying all of this and allows Durham police to question him.

    • Bruce says:

      Wrong. Glenn Beck does not have to do anything but contact an attorney to sue you and this site for continuing and unfounded rumor.

      You are nuts.

      • JimFromJersey says:

        Sue a speculative parody site for a political satire?

        Looks like the freedom of press/expression is not appreciated by the Beck Fan unless it is only used to promote typical Faux News propoganda.

        Sadly, it’s not even surprising.

      • Jack says:


        Funny how freedom of speech only extends to what white supremacist crackpots like you want to hear. I’m pretty sure this site (like every other site) has said that it’s nothing more than satire. Can’t stand to hear people say things that you know THEY know aren’t true? If you can’t take what you dish out, you’re a pussy.

  8. Larry Piper says:

    Faux News is the master propagandist. They are always airing misleading information or outright lies to boost their viewership. Lies such as – Obama hates white people, the government is out to kill granny, the death book……..ad nauseam.
    I am sick and tired of their lies. Now it is time for Beck to prove that he didn’t commit the deeds questioned in the article. According to his own sick MO, his silence must mean he is hiding something. Come clean Beck, now!

    • Jack says:

      I concur. And what’s this I hear about Ann Coulter’s botched sex change? I think she needs to present her birth certificate to prove she wasn’t born male.

    • Vic says:

      There are not enough words to describe how utterly stupid you people are! This parody is sick. You say that Beck and Fox dispense lies. My guess is that most of you idiots have never watched Glenn Beck’s exposes (ex-po-says–for you retards who can’t read). He thoroughly researches his topics before he publicly makes statements. Many of Obama’s advisors ARE left-wing radicals (Van Jones is a self-proclaimed Communist). Do you think Beck made that up?! And ACORN is now being exposed as the bunch of CRIMINALS that they truly are. Instead of this petty game your’re playing, let’s see you prove Beck’s a liar. You cannot, because he is not. And joking about rape–lowest of the low–GROW UP!!!

      • Too Safe says:

        @Vic- First of all, congratulations for learning how to pronounce the word expose, that alone separates you from about 90% of Beck viewers, which means there’s some hope for you yet! Unfortunately that’s about the only thing from your post you got right…
        Beck has admitted that he doesn’t research his topics because he’s not a “reporter, but a commentator” and he’s said “I don’t report the news, I just give my opinion.”
        Now of all the Beck lies, my favorite is his “expose’” into the healthcare system in the US:
        Beck lie.

        He said that no other President had never been sworn into office without a Bible. He said he ‘checked’.
        He either did not check or checked up his arsegraped butt because he’s lying. John Qunicy Adams used a law book. Franklin Pierce didn’t even swear. He affirmed. Teddy Roosevelt used no Bible. Several Presidents kissed a Bible but did not swear on one.

        Beck lie.

        Glenn Beck lied when he said recently that $1.4 million of stimulus momey was used to repair a door at Dyess AFB. The doors repaired were aircraft hangar doors and the cost was not $1.4 million.
        The cost was $246000 out of $1.4 million in repairs funding.
        Beck lie.

        Want some more Vic the Dick?
        In June Beck lied when he said that the US was the ONLY country that had a natural birthright provision. Here is the list of other countries that do:
        Beck lie.

        Glenn Beck lied when he said that the director of White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, “has proposed forcing abortions and putting sterilants in the drinking water to control population.”This one is so good I’ll just give you the link:
        You guessed it…
        Beck Lie

        Beck claimed anyone who participated in cash for clunkers would have to surrender their computers to the Government….wait for it…. LIE LIE LIE!!!!
        Beck Lie

        Oh and about that Van Jones thing…
        Beck “Stretched the truth to its limits” = almost lied

        • toosafelies says:

          you stupid f***ing lib. You pick out little insignificant things to prove Glenn Beck lies. You send links to youtube videos and sites like the st.pete times as proof. You are an idiot .

          • Too Safe says:

            How quick you are to dismiss the truth when it doesn’t conform to your ideals.

          • the big swede says:

            you are not smarter than a 5th grader ,spend some more time reading at the library you are sofa king wee todid.

        • tjzbears says:

          You people are sick….these people said these things in the own words. Look it up lazy Everything you just stated is a lie, But thats all you progressives do is lie about everything. Thats what cowards do, thats what this President does and will be a one timer….Enjoy

      • The Axis says:

        Louder, please!! More exclamation marks and CAPITALIZED words. It makes your rhetoric more convincing.

      • C Reed says:

        Goto youtube and see beck admit to the view gals he lies and explain that’s what he does as a commentator,a journalist or reporter has standards he doesn’t have to abide by.Check it out.Whoopie called him out and so did barbara Walters. Beck told a lie about them just days before he went on their show.
        BTW,Whoopie calls Beck a lying sack of dog mess. So hear Beck call YOU a liar for falsely claiming he didn’t lie.
        Hahahaha,,,You guy is a liar!!!!

  9. BeckHayter says:

    I hate this guy as much as the next guy, but clearly Glenn Beck did not rape and murder a girl in 1990.

    Getting away with it until 2009 would require far more intellect than he has at his disposal!!!!

    • Wilma Dikfit says:

      I cannot believe that this is not true because Mr. Stupid showed me his joint and after I stopped laughing, he stuck it in me. I thought I removed my cotton pony, but it was actually Glenn’s little man!

      • BeckHayter says:

        Instead of actually refuting the facts. I know. Not one person has come in here with a link to Glenn Beck’s murder record to prove that not one of them involved a rape and a girl in 1990.

  10. coldwarning says:

    Beck isn’t a rapist. Believe me I have no love for the guy but he’s never raped or murdered anyone. The following link explains how the rumor spread. Its not really a rumor because its so outrageous that I don’t think people really believe it when they see the question raised. Its pretty brilliant investigative work done by a master sleuth as clearly seen on this site.

    • Jack says:

      What part of “parody” do you not understand?

  11. Creek Morgan says:

    I’m unable to disprove the rumor that another man purportedly assisted in the alleged rape and murder of a young girl in 1990 by Glenn Beck, and afterwards managed to evade authorities via a botched sex change procedure that left him with the hands and neck of a man and the little black dress of a woman. Can anyone disprove the rumor that the recipient of the botched sex change was Ann Coulter?

    • Jack says:

      I cannot disprove that rumor, but I concur that it would seem that her obviously masculine features would require that she address this at once.

  12. Bruce says:

    Are you people looking to be sued for libel and slander by the Glenn Beck on Fox News? Or are you so stupid to think that obviosly there is another person with the name Glenn Beck?

    This is speculation in a degree of ignorance that cannot be described here civily.

    Remove this article and don’t watch Fox News if that makes you happy. But to perpetuate a hateful libelous rumor is wrong.

    • Reichsmarschall says:

      You didn’t read the whole site. They’re not saying that Beck raped anyone. There’s just no proof he didn’t

    • Bruce is a gay name says:

      Actually, he’s not alleging Glenn Beck did anything- he’s merely asking the question that more than 380,000 people have asked google in the last 3 days. Does he not have the same rights Glenn Beck enjoys to freely express his ideas? This type of speculation is eerily similar to what Beck recklessly does on his show every week day…
      Why are you so defensive anyways, did you have a hand in this alleged crime?
      Can you provide any proof that you were not involved in this alleged crime?

    • SandRider says:

      I haven’t had this much fun on teh interwebs since the last Kevin J. Anderson interview. At first, I enjoyed seeing people expressing their disgust with Beck and his methods, and having a good laugh at his expense. Then, I just got rolled over by the way the right-wingers went nuts. Priceless. Finally, tho, and the best, has been in the last couple of days when the general American moron has stumbled in, totally oblivious to the joke itself. (like the tool above ^^^) Thanks again, all you gimps & geeks of 4chan, who thought this up & spread it around. >9000 internets4U. Cool story, bro. (Great site, too ! Thanks alot, I need a good laugh in the evening after planning the alien-communist take-over of the Little Baby Jesus’ America …)

    • Jack says:

      As usual, the “Christian” right has proven its illiteracy. No one’s accused Beck of anything. This is simply a parody of the allegations he’s made about (among other things) the “birther” conspiracy and the “death panels.”

      There’s a simple rule for manhood: if you can dish something out, but you can’t take it, you’re a pussy.

      Here’s where I stop kidding around: if Glenn Beck sues, he’s a pussy.

      • Yokai says:

        So he’s a pussy.

  13. Dr Zen says:

    It would be wrong not to speculate that Glenn Beck raped a woman in 1990, although there’s absolutely no proof he didn’t.

    • SandRider says:

      just saw this elsewhere, Dr Zen. Beautiful. Just beautiful. I bow to your skillz, sir.

  14. SandRider says:

    hey, what about the stolen cell phone and $2,000 cash on the Durham police report ? wouldn’t that make the offense “capital felony murder” and therefore subject to the death penalty ?

    • SandRider says:

      also, on closer inspection of the Durham police report, I’m not finding an indication of the race of the victim. Where are all these people getting the information that the young girl raped & murdered was black ? Is that just an assumption, based on the character of Glen Beck ? Not that the race of the victim matters, of course, but it could go a long way in explaining Beck’s motivations in this crime, beyond the obvious drug & alcohol angle.

  15. The Truth says:

    Glenn Beck has never denied raping and murdering a young girl in 1990. Why won’t he address these serious accusations? What is Glenn Beck hiding? Why has Glenn Beck hired a law firm to attempt to shutdown the website glennbeckrapedandmurderedayounggirlin1990.com? Glenn Beck’s actions are those of a guilty man.

  16. hoser says:

    I am told that authorities in a southeast asian country have information suggesting Mr. Beck was the subject of a year long investigation in 1990. If you ask me, this pretty much proves Becks’ innocence in the state side thing.

  17. Keith says:

    This blog reminds me of the question, “When did you stop beating your wife?”. You people are a bunch of dumbassess.

    • Jack says:


      Since you asked, when DID you stop beating your wife?

      • Eurobubba says:

        People on the Internet are saying that Keith hasn’t stopped beating his wife yet. But at least he didn’t murder and rape a girl in 1990, as far as we know.

  18. I shouldn’t find this whole thing funny, but I do. Oh boy, I do. Here’s why:

    The same ‘self-proclaimed Conservative Republicans’ who are so deeply offened by this either are, or are associated with the birthers, Larry Sinclair fans, ‘paling around with unrepentant terrorists’ touters, ‘secret muslim’ proclaimers, and every other piece of junk promoted by Jerome Corsi and the whole ilk of filth smearing scumbags.

    Sorry, wingnuts. You chose to go down that rabbithole. You can’t just scream ‘slander’ when you’ve been dishing it out for far long than this site just because you have a soft spot for the subject. That would be judging based on empathy, now wouldn’t it?

    • the big swede says:

      david in austin you have my permission to take over for glen and also i will say ,glen needs to go to afganistan and fight for the country he loves or go to jail with BUBA

  19. Ann_IA says:

    By your logic, Obama must have really had gay sex and snorted coke with Larry Sinclair in a limo then. Obama hasn’t publicly denied it, so it must be true. Thanks for proving that for us!

    • Too Safe says:

      Not by my logic, but but Glenn Beck’s logic – you might have a theory there. Obviously you don’t really understand what’s going on here…Beck is the one who hasn’t addressed the accusations that he did not rape a woman in 1990. One rumor at a time ok? We’ll get to Obama doing coke with Sinclair once we resolve this Beck thing…

    • Jack says:

      BUZZZ! No, that would be YOUR twisted logic, but that’s the point of this parody. Thanks for playing and join us again next time on:


  20. harry bosch says:

    FACT: Young girls were raped and murdered in 1990.
    FACT: Glenn Beck was around in 1990.
    FACT: Glenn Beck has never acknowledged or denied that he raped and murdered a young girl in 1990.
    FACT: Glenn Beck has not released a long form police report that says he didn’t rape and murder a young girl in 1990.

    Mr. Beck’s silence on this matter is deafening.

  21. Mark says:

    LOL. Brilliant ironic satire.

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  23. Daniel says:

    If in fact Glenn Beck ever did have sex with a female he probably took it. Even a hooker would avoid someone appearing as wild and demented as Beck.

  24. Daniel says:

    Glenn Beck need only produce his entire arrest records for the 1990s to disprove this mere allegation.

  25. /tv/ says:

    glenn beck raped and killed a girl in 1990

    • Theresa Nolan says:

      Proof? Proof? Proof? Everyone wants to know why he doesn’t answer their questions about this “incident”. Perhaps its because HE DOEN’T HAVE TOO!! Why does he have to produce Proof, he didn’t do anything, to anyone? If you prove he is guilty, then perhaps he will defend himself, in the meantime, HE DOE NOT HAVE TOO.

      If someone said, he had a committed tax fraud. They would have to prove it. He would not have to prove he didn’t do it. I think you all know the truth , you just don’t want to accept it
      Wake up America, are you really that blind or did you drink the bad grape juice?.

      • Too Safe says:

        Theresa, ask yourself this- Imagine yourself enjoying your vaginal freedom in in 1990 and the next thing you know you are being raped by a man named Glenn Beck. Wouldn’t you want people like me on your side asking these types of questions?
        I feel as if I have connected enough dots that show that maybe Glenn Beck raped a woman in 1990. Is it too much to ask of Beck to simply deny the allegations so we could all resume our day to day lives and quit asking ourselves if Glenn Beck raped a woman in 1990. I don’t think so, I think we owe it to the poor woman in 1990 who was raped. I think we owe it to her family. I think we owe it to America. Don’t you?

      • The Axis says:

        Perfect answer, Theresa. Just great. Although I think the beverage is grape Kool-Aid, which Obama wants too TAX . (extra o for emphasis!)
        Also, as well, many people have had youthful indiscretions .

        • The Axis says:

          Strike grape.

      • Teresa, you get the booby prize! You are the FIRST Repug on many sites that I’ve read (many!) comments about this on, who has pointed out that in the US, the presumption of INNOCENCE is the norm, not the other way ’round. That’s the canard underlying this whole exercise. If someone is accused of something, the burden is on the accuser to prove that what he said happened, actually happened. This is American law 101.

        Now why do the Repugs seem so ignorant of that basic fact? Why do they cry so pitiously about the unfairness of accusing their hero in the fashion of this (once more: satirical) meme? My guess is that it’s because it matters not a bit to them, that what Beck says about others has not a shred of proof behind it. They never ask Beck for proof, so long as the accusation furthers their agenda. They are acting like moral-free dogs in a pack. Accuse and attack, and hope you kill the guy dead quick, so he never has a chance to defend himself.

        On the other hand, every Liberal poster I’ve read on this has been careful (even if YOU couldn’t see it) to NOT actually accuse Beck, but to “raise the rumor” of his guilt — as Beck does constantly.

        So the mystery continues: why do you believe it when Beck does it, but not when we do it to Beck in similar fashion?

    • Kayla says:

      Angry Republicans make me chuckle.

  26. chris says:

    It’s quite understandable that regular Fox News viewers would be extremely defensive about the disturbing rumors of Mr. Beck’s alleged depraved criminal behavior. After all, it would be a huge breach of trust if yet another conservative pundit proved to be a cynical hypocrite, so you must not blame Beck’s followers for being in complete denial about the significance of his silence on this matter.

  27. Chris says:

    LIVE BY THE SWORD……………………

  28. Chris says:

    Correction – Glenn Beck – LIVED BY THE SWORD……………….

  29. The Axis says:

    The police artist sketch looks like Bobby Hill, and the mugshot looks like Tim Allen.
    Anyone have any information as to their whereabouts on the horrible day?
    er…I mean, horrible alleged day?

  30. Bloomy says:

    I came here because I heard that Glenn Beck may have raped and murdered a woman in 1990? Is that true? Has he denied it yet? I can’t believe he would do such a thing. He should really be ashamed of himself…if it’s true. Only a very rude person would rape and murder a woman in 1990.

  31. guiltyuntilproveninnocent says:

    These are serious allegations. Why wont he clear this up once and for all? I dont think he raped and murdered a girl in 1990 but why wont he come forward with proof that he didn’t rape and murder a girl in 1990? I’m not going to be able sleep until I know for sure…

  32. edith mccrotchen says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Glenn Beck Admits That He Is Not In His Right Mind.

    He says; “Let me be real honest with you. I don’t think anybody in their right mind is gonna ever say this out loud.” And then he just says the thing that he says no one in their right mind would say — out loud.

  33. Dave says:

    I do not think Glenn Beck raped and murdered a girl in 1990, but I am afraid that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a girl in 1990.

    Glenn is known to eat food, and 99% of all rapes and murders occur within 24 hours of eating food!

    We need a response from Mr. Beck!!

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  35. meclizine says:

    I hope that I did not hurt you.

  36. PaulDPearl says:

    This was my favorite part

    “Officer Sutton claimed “the victim told me the rapist whispered the phrase ‘I’m doing because I love my country‘ repeatedly as he cried and raped her.” Sutton added, “before the rapist ran away he looked at the elderly lady and reportedly told her ‘in the future a brilliant black man will run the government and get it to kill you‘ or something crazy like that.”’

    So not only is Glenn Beck a rapist, he’s also clairvoyant and can predict the future president 19 years in the future.

    If this part of the “story” doesn’t completly solidfy this as a bad joke at best, nothing else will…

    I’ve never heard of this before today, after reading some responses from his now infamous “frogger” video…

    Dignifying such slanderous allegations with any sort of response just gives them attention they don’t deserve. I wonder how many of these Glenn Beck is a rapist people stood back and said nothing when similar but much more credible allegations were made agasint Bill Clinton…… You’re all hypocrites!

  37. rick says:

    ‘ glenn beck marries glenn beck ‘ is another , possibly true story on the internet . this young girl that he may have raped n murdered was possibly nothing more than some fecal matter that erupted out when he was making love to himself on his honeymoon w himself – still , to rape n murder your own fecal matter , it’s just not right …………

  38. glenn beck says:

    i did not do this idiots. i was the victim and was raped by myself. i cut out couple of ribs so i can suck my own d1ck. okay ill admit it im a liar bipolar c9ck sucka.

  39. Dalna says:

    am at a loss that countries like NZ (in which females have been reported to have max. no. of sexual partners in the world) is also one of the highest in rape!!!

    This seems contradictory, and doesn’t fit my understanding.

    I thought countries in which sexual expression is more restricted should be higher on rape.

  40. Jone-zing says:

    Although no one believes that Glenn ever did the things that he hasn’t proven that he didn’t do, why does he not confess or deny the allegations? This is only parody and the police report is rigged I know, but why doesn’t anyone stop its publication by proving its a falsehood? How long will all of us have to endure the presence of truth without anything but faith to reveal it? When will the strength of the transgressor be stimied by the harbinger of truth? The only way to unmask reality is to get all of the things that Glenn Beck fully understood and honestly revealed without the filter of obscene biases developed through a chortle at his paucity of knowledge about a myriad of subjects that have been addressed; this is the subject on which he is the subject matter expert.

  41. Ethan says:

    I was recently comparing Glenn Beck’s ratings to those of this obscure, clownish blog. The results were so funny!

    • SandRider says:

      Ethan sez: “I was recently comparing Glenn Beck’s ratings to those of this obscure, clownish blog. The results were so funny! ”

      hey, that’s great Ethan !
      Why don’t you post those results ?

  42. Pingback: Secret Democrat Party Operatives Slander Fox News Star With Rape Charge | ChristWire

  43. charles rinehart says:

    Glenn Beck needs to answer this charge! Just like he does to EVERYBODY else.
    Otherwise, he needs to STFU.

    • You evil cat, I bet you were the one who did it.

      Go ahead, deny it.

  44. pansy says:

    Well it’s wonderful that someone has finally figured out who you are.

  45. Stephen J. Ardent says:

    A bunch of leftist democrat types making light of the rape of women.

    How…unsurprisingly insensitive and politically incorrect.

  46. Kriole says:

    Sweet Holy Mother of Murdoch!! Can’t you awful Libs find something else less lame to throw at GB?


    Although, y’know, it would be good for Glenn to get out there and shoot down these shocking rumors.

    Think of the kids GB.

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