Joe Wilson yelled “You lie!” during Obama’s speech on a dare

Rep. Joe Wilson claims Sen. Chuck Grassley promised to let him into ‘Gang of Six

Rep. Joe Wilson seen here telling Grassley "I do have the balls!! Just watch me!!"

Rep. Joe Wilson seen here telling Grassley "You don't know me, I'm the craziest SOB you've ever met brother!! I got bigger balls than just about anyone here not counting Biden...just watch Chuck- I don't give a f%ck!!"

WASHINGTON D.C., –  During President Obama’s moving speech on health care Wednesday evening, South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson (R) yelled out “You lie!” when the President stated his plan would not provide coverage for illegal immigrants. Many who heard his comment instantly began speculating that such an outburst could only come from someone with touretts syndrome. Although the jury is still out -Wilson denied he has or has ever suffered from touretts syndrome- but did not provide any suporting evidence to justify his denials. Wilson released this formal apology immediately following the conclusion of the President’s speech:

This evening it looks as if I let my emotions get the best of me when listening to the President’s remarks regarding the whole health care thing. But there is more than meets the eye here. To be honest with y’all, I frankly don’t know enough about all this health insurance mess to agree or disagree with the President’s statements about them Mexicans getting their hands on my health care. Rather, my comments were a direct result of Senator Grassley challenging me by saying: ‘I didn’t have the balls to pull a Glenn Beck and scream out something illogical and crazy during the speech.’ He even claimed ‘Pelosi has got bigger balls than you.’ He also said he was ‘so sure I’d chicken out that he’d be willing to bet his own membership in the Gang of Six that I wouldn’t do it.’

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley challenged Joe Wilson to pull a Glenn Beck during the President's speech on Wednesday.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley challenged Joe Wilson to pull a Glenn Beck during the President's speech on Wednesday.

Now, I wasn’t going to let ole’ Chucky get one on me, plus the Gang of Six are so awesome, everyone knows they throw the biggest keggers in D.C. Plus, I really wanted one of them leather jackets they wear with the cool number 6 on the back of it- I’d be like the Fonz of the House man. So, I yelled it loud as hell, unfortunately I didn’t time it right cause- at the very moment I  started screaming everyone decided to get quiet. So all you heard was me screaming ‘You lie!’ I know how all this must look, but trust me we pull much crazier crap than that all the time over at the C-street house. Anyways, I also know without all this context- my comments might have seemed inappropriate to the viewers at home and the President. Hopefully, y’all can understand where I was coming from given the circumstances. I would like to extend my sincere apologies to the President for my outburst, and he also deserves an apology from Senator Grassley who started it all. Hopefully, I don’t think they’ll be any  hard feelings, because he knows that I don’t know enough about health care enough to have just blurted something out without being provoked.

Senator Grassley could not be reached for comment and is expected to address Wilson’s allegations in the forthcoming days.

All kidding aside, its a little ironic how Bush wasn’t heckled when he proposed going to WAR against Iraq with little to no credible evidence or justification. Yet, Obama gets heckled like he’s bombing his first try at stand up comedy- for proposing what?  HEALTH CARE backed by tons of evidence of showing the current system is broken. There was no problem with sending our soldiers off to DIE on nothing but one man’s whim, but all of the sudden there’s a massive problem with making sure citizens of the world’s most powerful country gets a shot at having HEALTHY LIVES. How is it easier to convince the masses to support the unjustified deaths of our nations’ soldiers than it is to convince the same masses of extending basic health care coverage to the citizens of the most powerful Country in the world- ESPECIALLY when the financial costs of any of the proposed health plans pale in comparison than that of the War.

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7 Responses to Joe Wilson yelled “You lie!” during Obama’s speech on a dare

  1. John says:

    He basically was yelling “Nigger!”.

    It really is just almost poetic how it came from south carolina.

    It truly is time for some god damn change.

    Obama is just the beginning I hope.

    • Come on now, that’s a ridiculous stretch. Obama’s previous policies have included extravagant provisions for illegal, criminal aliens so it wasn’t unlikely that this one did as well. At this point it does not and the SC rep was wrong in this case but I wouldn’t be surprised if the general label of “liar” was not too far from the truth for Obama at this point considering his presidency and policy has not matched up with his campaign promises and even former Obama supporters such as myself have now lost trust.

      • mrsmith says:

        @Thrive Blog Author. Failing to fulfill campaign promises is not lying. Higher priority political agenda, opposition (Republican and Democrat), and reality can easily sidetrack promises made during the campaign.

        By your definition any politician, and most people on earth, are liars for failing to fulfill promises made.

        Obama has a loft vision – one which you apparently agree with to some degree – but he is a crafty politician who, in the end, is better than any current Republican alternative.

        Talk about liars, then you are talking about Bush, Cheney, McCain, and most of the current Republican establishment (politicians and pundits).

  2. Uberdog says:

    Not only is Wilson a loudmouth, he is wrong. Provision 246, in the current bill in the House states that illegal aliens will not be allowed into the health care system, period.
    Republican know nothing but scare tactics. Yes, it worked for a while but people started waking up before last November. Now it’s time to let the Democrats steer the ship for a while.
    I would like to see the Republicans respond with some intelligent discourse, however as long as Rush and Beck are running the party, that seems unlikely.
    How about it Republicans? Can you drop the scare tactics and racism and serve the people you claim to be representing instead of the insurance companies that fill your wallets? I THINK YOU CAN! The question is… Do you want to.

  3. Doc says:

    Anyone who believes that illegal immigrants will not receive free healthcare is not in touch with reality. Illegal immigrants are currently receiving free healthcare, albeit after long waits in emergency rooms, but free none the less. As a Doctor I see this every day and the vast majority of the hospital’s emergency room is filled with illegal immigrants. Under the current administration’s plan there may be a “statement”, “denying” healthcare to illegal immigrants but please consider that for what it is worth, merely a statement to appease Conservatives . . . know this, under any left leaning health care reform, illegals will get free healthcare regardless of simple statements that “prohibit” such. Illegals will continue to get free healthcare now and in the future – I see it and further it every day.

    • Too Safe says:

      It’s one thing to have a law that prohibits hospitals from turning anyone away, and its another thing to provide them subsidized coverage. The only difference is in the wording because the end result is the same with both approaches. Although, they will continue to receive free healthcare it won’t be because of Obama’s plan, so in essence he wasn’t technically lying when he said illegal immigrants won’t be covered under his proposal plan.

  4. Kelli Garner says:

    Really nice posts. I will be checking back here regularly.

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