South African runner has got balls to deny genetics test results

Semenya showing off her womanly curves.

Semenya showing off her womanly curves.

The results of an investigation into the gender of South African runner Caster Semenya have been released and test shows its an … it. Concerns were raised over her his its masculine appearance following its victory in the women 800m race in the world championships last month. The tests shows that Semenya has testicles where her ovaries should be. The runner immediately rejected the claims that she has internal man parts, and says the claims are the product of jealousy over her talent to run really fast.

A source close to the genetics tests told Unreasonably Safe Observer: “This is evidence Semenya is a hermaphrodite, you know like Jaime Lee Curtis.”  The source added: “The chick has got some balls to deny the results of a genetics test which clearly show she actually has balls.”   86d47a81e32d45a18eadf994d267b9c2

In a shocking turn of events, which can only be described as a 830f77d99c1d12373stroke of marketing genius, the runner says she has signed a lucrative deal to pose for both Playboy and Playgirl magazines. Her agent Sal Goldberg said: “The magazine deals are just the beginning, Semenya has got the X factor and the Y chromosome to really take the endorsement business to the next level, she’s going to be the spokesperson for a huge segment of the population that until now has gone untapped.” Goldberg added: “Remember what Micheal Jordan did for basketball, well, Semenya is going to do the same but for chicks with balls in them.”

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