Beck tosses innocent frog into boiling pot of water on air – for fun

Not to rain on Beck’s crazy parade, but his little ‘experiment‘ was soo 90’s, as in 1690’s – it was called the Salem Witch Trials

Yes, you just witnessed a man kill a frog by tossing it into a pot of boiling water on live TV for no apparent reason, other than to prove to his critics, once and for all, that he’s a homicidal lunatic who can’t be trusted near amphibians. Beck was simply doing what he does best, which is to formulate some ridiculous argument/opinion based solely on a myth, only this time he tossed a live frog into a pot of boiling water.

The frog, who is survived by four tadpoles, was said to be a kind soul who had a zeal for life and truly enjoyed living. Friends of the frog claim he was a progressive environmentalist and a big supporter of green jobs. At his eulogy earlier today, his teary-eyed brother said “Ribbet!! My little bro didn’t die in vein- in fact, I couldn’t imagine a better way my brother would’ve wanted to go than by (sniffling) – exposing Beck for the crazy lying killer that he is.”

Frog-gate has already spawned another Beck book.

Frog-gate has already spawned another Beck book. Can you say stocking stuffer?! "Frogs: Boil Them Alive" is scheduled to hit shelves in earlier December - just in time for Christmas!

Sources close to the family say they were especially outraged by Beck’s dismissive comment- “forget about the frog,” he said immediately after realizing he had committed murder. The frog’s family plan on filing a wrongful death suit in the hopes of raising awareness of Beck’s murderous ways. Upon hearing of the family’s plans to sue him, Beck issued what can only be described as a heartless response. The douchey FoxNews show host actually had the audacity to claim the frog was a prop. So it’s not enough to end an innocent frog’s life- no, no- he felt compelled to add insult to injury by dismissing the frog as fake.

For argument’s sake, let’s assume for a moment that the frog was in fact a prop. Why would Beck rest his whole premise on showing viewers how they have to “jump out of the pot” in response to Obama’s policies- only to use a prop frog he knows can’t jump out of the pot. Does he secretly want viewers to stay in the pot of boiling water and die like the frog? I don’t get it.

Killing and torturing animals has long been known as one of the hallmark characteristics of notorious serial killers. One need not look further than Beck’s questionable past in order to reach the conclusion that there is a possibility that he might have a”deep-seated hatred” of letting others live.

I don't think the world could handle the level of stupidity that would be reached If these two ever had a kid.

Out of respect for the slain frog- Beck and Bachmann share a moment of silence, and by silence I mean while the two kept their eyes closed- Bachmann sang a 90 second religious hymn in her "whisper voice" = CREEPY!!!

First, Beck’s actions after dumping the frog into the boiling water (at 1:04) are particularly telling.  Observe the unwavering calmness of Beck’s demeanor as he watches the helpless frog die. Notice how Beck doesn’t even flinch when he realizes the frog needs his help- the man lacks the human impulse of reacting in a helfpul matter. Is this not the mark of an experienced killer.

Need more proof? There’s the much publicized rumors that Beck allegedly raped and possibly murdered a woman in 1990. Is it that much of a stretch to think that Glenn Beck perhaps raped and killed a woman in 1990, when the clip above shows that he raped that poor crappy metaphor and killed a helpless frog.  His silence on the topic is uncomfortable, and his reluctance to deny the allegations only cause the dark clouds of suspicion hanging over him to grow larger.

Lastly, Beck’s focus on spreading an irrational fear of the Census and the possibility his rhetoric might have inspired the hanging of a federal census worker, who was found with the word “fed” written across his chest. Coincidentally, creating an unhealthy distrust of the feds is one of Beck’s favorite topics. Oh yeah, did you notice how the date the census worker was hung- 9/12 It just so happened to coincide with the hate-tinged teabagger protests Beck so proudly helped orchestrate.

If the frog was real Beck killed it, and if the frog was fake he killed that poor crappy metaphor he was trying to show. So either way you slice it- he’s a killer. I just hope the authorities take notice, before Glenn Beck gets the opportunity to kill another innocent creature, or even worse- a helpless metaphor.


16 Responses to Beck tosses innocent frog into boiling pot of water on air – for fun

  1. Kermitlover says:

    Ok, seriously… does anyone know if the frog is ok?

    • American Patriot says:

      It’s a rubber frog, absolutely.

      This has been debunked already.

      Stop peddling your liberal crap.

      • American Patriot is probably a birther too!! says:

        I keep reading he only said it was fake because someone told him PETA was super pissed during a commercial break.

      • Kermitlover says:

        So wait a minute… Let me make sure I’m getting this straight-
        His whole point was to show how frogs jump out if they sense boiling water- a metaphor for the state of the country.
        So he throws a frog into the boiling water and it doesn’t jump- instead it dies.
        @American Patriot is now buying the bullshit that the frog was fake?
        Like Too Safe points out, why would he use a fake frog when doing so only destroys the point he was trying to make?

  2. GBRulez says:

    It wasn’t a real frog… if you look at the video closely you can see it’s a fake frog.

    • URanIdiot says:

      What kind of high tech video equipment do you have, because all I saw was this a-hole killing a frog for no reason. Plus, like the article points out- why would he use a fake frog if his point was to illustrate how we should all get out of the hot pot. Send me a link where you can clearly see it’s a fake frog… then I’ll think about watching it.

  3. badgervan says:

    beck’s a eunich!

  4. Keith says:

    The article says “Is this not the mark of an experienced killer.” The author needs to get out more often. That the standard trademark of a Republican. Why do they hate Americans?

    • Dustin says:

      It probably stems from a deep-seeded hatred for one’s self (being a republican, i mean)…. after having raped and killed a girl 19 or so years ago. That’s what i’ve heard, anyhow.

  5. marc says:

    OH MY GOD! HE KILLED A FROG! just kidding, i don’t care

  6. Testin says:

    Well when he goes to grab the frogs from the container you can see them jumping around and away from his grip. If you look closely though, it looks as if he faked it and didn’t actually grab a frog, he is just cupping his hand. I also didn’t see the frog go into the pot, just heard a sound, someone should slow the video down.

    This could be typical reverse psychology tactics, his point being that people are in boiling water and are not jumping out, point driven home by the suggestion to forget about the Democrats or Republicans because they are fakes and if they are fakes and since the viewer/his audience is not fake they should Jump Out of The Boiling Water…These fakes know all the tactics and how to instigate for the worst.

  7. Vita says:

    Did anyone bother to do any research re: the “frog boiling?”
    The last part of the video is conveniently left out.

  8. Robert says:

    Who cares if it’s real, or if it’s fake or if he didn’t throw anything into the pot? The weird, scarry and disturbing aspect of this is the thought process someone would have to go through to decide to do this bit at all. What is disturbing to me is that after considering the idea, discussing it with the production staff etc. the final decision was obviously made to go through with it. “Should we kill a frog on our show today?”. “Should we actually kill one, or just use a prop?”. “Maybe we shouldn’t do this in case somene’s children see the show”. “Maybe Beck could just pretend to throw it in, but we can spend 15 seconds watching him try top catch one, to really sell the bit”. Whatever they discussed, however they made the decision, there is definately something sick and wrong about the fact the discussion (and then the bit) happened at all. Beck…you my friend need help!

  9. Lightnrod says:

    I though it was pretty funny! I saw the entire video.

    First it was….oh no….but then…..

    Love the way Beck reacted…..

    The was plastic….and I thought….this is pretty funny. However, figured lots of people would get upset and few would misrepresent, lie and deceive.

    Guess you’re one of those people that does that. Not good…

  10. Lightnrod says:

    I though it was pretty funny! I saw the entire video.

    First it was….oh no….but then…..

    Love the way Beck reacted…..

    The frog was plastic….and I thought….this is pretty funny. However, figured lots of people would get upset and few would misrepresent, lie and deceive.

    Guess you’re one of those people that does that. Not good…

  11. harry fox says:

    I’d much rather see a giant frog throw the tiny,wriggling,and slimy Beck into the pot. It’s better knews when man bites dog!

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