20 Signs Society is Becoming Too Safe

When Safety Measures become Unreasonably Safe

We live in a society governed by Fear. We are encouraged to fear risks that our predecessors took for granted. The result is a temptation to never leave the house and ignore the fact that any human activity involves some risk to life and limb. Safety Experts have even warned that trying to make the world 100% safe is not only impossible, but dangerous too.
Parents need to realize that kids need to fly off their bikes without helmets, get shot by a BB gun at point blank range, and narrowly escape the bite of an angry dog. Their lives will be richer because they will learn the consequences of risk-taking, how to scramble, improvise, and think for themselves. With so much to gain from experiencing life’s minor risks and dangers, why is it that today’s generation of parents are failing to pass this value on to their kids? The following pictures might provide some helpful insight.
Stop Sign

20. Checkmate. Sign (1) - You (0).


19. Notice the safety string preventing anyone from walking between the cones.


18. Contrary to what the contents might suggest, this package may contain only traces of nuts.


17. If you are able to read this sign, chances are you've successfully avoided the risk.


16. Stabbing was mysteriously left off the list.


15. "Severe physical harm resulting in extreme bodily harm" is just redundant. We get it, jet blasts are bad.


14. This sign should be combined with #17 to form one awesomely unnecessary safety sign.


13. By the looks of it, this bench is either about to pull of yet another daring escape, or fight a rival bench in a cage match to the death.


12. Shut up street!! You're not the boss of me!!


11. Even more reason not to take your eyes off the road to read some dumb ass sign when its raining.


10. Hopefully your child is not under that dead kid with the black shorts.


9. Wonder how many people died before they figured out it was the humans that was making the animals sick?


8. Your tax dollars hard at work.


7. Wow.


6. Seriously, ease up with the cones there chief - its just snow.


5. Apparently, large children are safe from the danger water presents.


4. The majority of women polled said the staple failed to enhance their experience.


3. This crib says I want to keep my toddler really safe. And by really safe I mean electrocuted.


2. Brought to you by the fine folks at SafeCo. the most trusted name in super-max playgrounds.


1. Pretty self explanatory - everyone knows the most dangerous animal known to man is a gun totting Scottish Terrier high on ice cream.

What these safety precautions show is that people have forgotten that sometimes, shit happens. So you may as well get out there and enjoy the shit out of life before you’re shot to death by an ice cream crazed Scottish Terrier.

If you knew the true statistical odds of bad things actually happening to you, chances are you’d stop living so fearfully. So go ahead embrace life’s risks and live a little dangerously, it’s safer.

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