Obama urging Congress to officially postpone Christmas for two weeks

President to move Christmas to 1/8/10- cites decline in consumer spending

Obama speaking to members of the Change Christmas Coalition (CCC) earlier this morning.

Washington D.C. – President Obama met with members of the National Holiday Committee earlier today to allegedly discuss the official postponing of Christmas this year until January 8, 2010. The President, and many of his chief financial advisors, feel that the two week delay should provide the economy with a much needed jolt heading into the new year. The theory is that by allowing those Americans who are still employed to collect another paycheck, they would spend more on gifts for the holidays. This would in effect, extend the holiday shopping season well into next month.

Given the controversial nature of such a decision its understandable why the President had been trying to keep the plans a secret. Especially, when you consider that Obama would be the first President to ever request a delay of a national Holiday. The President has reportedly made it clear that all he wants to do is delay the gift-exchange portion of the holiday, and not Jesus Christ’s birthday. However, news of the possible Christmas move is already rubbing some Americans the wrong way.

As expected, FoxNews has devoted a lot of coverage to Obama's plans to change Christmas.

Most of the President’s opposition is bound by the common idea of not wanting government to intervene into their religious and festival affairs, especially on the day of their savior’s birth. “This is unconstitutional and down right offensive, the government has no power to reschedule Jesus’ birthday like that,” said James Tooker, a concerned citizen at an Pro-Xmas rally. He later added, “I mean, if Jesus and his buddies needed a couple extra bucks, you know… I don’t think he’d ask Obama to move his birthday two weeks.” Another pro-Xmas supporter present at the rally was Gail Stevens, who was holding up a sign that read- MOVIN’ X-MAS IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL. When she was asked to point to the exact clause in the Constitution where it is stated that Obama cannot move Christmas, the woman declared, “you want a specific clause huh?… how ’bout Santa Clause — I don’t think his name having the word clause in it is any coincidence.” The movement to keep Christmas unchanged seems to be gaining momentum as FoxNews announced today that it will be organizing numerous “grassroots” pro-Xmas protesting events in the upcoming weeks.

The Obamas will be celebrating Christmas on 1/8/10.

Despite the strong sentiments of the Pro-Xmas-ers there are others who just don’t really care if Christmas was changed. As Joel Goldstein told USO recently, “I don’t really care what he does with Christmas, as long as Obama doesn’t change Hanukkah.” Goldstein added, “Oyfen himmel a yarid—  I think Obama knows better than to mess with Hanukkah. I mean, it would be a nightmare to move an eight day holiday, not like  Christmas, its one day, he moves it and he’s done, that’s it.”

There are other arguments for moving Christmas to next year that are not rooted in religion or economics. Some people just like the idea of celebrating Christmas twice next year. While others simply see Christmas asan annual mass consumption holiday where Americans are blindly driven into a buying frenzy by retailers and don’t really care when the official holiday is. Obama has yet to speak publicly on his plans to change Christmas, but is expected to do so this weekend.

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35 Responses to Obama urging Congress to officially postpone Christmas for two weeks

  1. JesusBday says:

    Why is this site, and the facebook groups the only links I’m finding on this… that haven’t been taken down already. Makes me wonder who’s behind this site if its still up and running.

    • Jason says:


    • AceofBase says:

      I totally agree JesusBday – I looked; I went to the Fox News and couldn’t find anything about this story to be honest, so it doesn’t even look as if FOX is behind this (and tho I am a Rep. don’t think I worship FOX; all news networks have their own agenda besides the Daily Show and the Colbert Report).

      So I just think someone out there is wanting to make up some more stuff about Obama and his “jihad”… Hooray for progression towards a desegregated nation. We have come so far since Dr. King was murdered. I think he would be really proud of what we have all become.

    • Savanah says:


  2. Deemo says:

    Epic. There are so many people out there with strong opinions on this issue. I’m surprised the media hasn’t focused more of their attention on this!

    • lmao2 says:

      The media hasn’t focused on this because it isn’t real. Consider the source on which the story is written. Look at all the other stories on here! Come on Americans, grow a brain!!

  3. Murdoch says:


    • MegynHunger says:

      Obama’s lucky Jesus is dead because he wouldn’t just change someone’s birthday like that if they were still alive. If a politician tried to change mine I’d kick his ass because I like my birthday, April 12th, very much and don’t want government getting their hands on it.

      • Oh, then it’s a good thing Jesus doesn’t exist.

      • Deebs36 says:

        Really Megyn the only reason why the holiday is December 25th is because it is a pagan holiday. Originally the holiday was to mark the date of the Winter Solstice, and was celebrated by pagan. In order for the religion to switch easier the holiday was added to the religion. As my proof look at the bible, livestock were born (lambs, cows, horses, and so on) also the roman taxes were being collected (which according to historical records happened in SPRING NOT WINTER). Also the Christian church has come out and said it was celebrated in spring not winter. If anything you should pissed that you are celebrating a pagan holiday that marks the winter solstice.

    • Tim says:

      By all historical reports (including biblical ones), Jesus was not born on December 25th. He was born sometime in the spring. We choose to celibate his birthday on the 25th because is lines up nicely with the pagan winter solstice. Get your facts straight.

  4. WOW says:

    REALLY? moving christmas?! He cannot postpone a holiday! Is he against christians or something? Sure seems like it…this makes me furious. He does not have the right to do this!

  5. Too Safe says:

    I’m just pointing out a recent visitor that saw the article. I’m letting everyone know that they know we know what they’re up to. Hopefully this doesn’t mean the article will get taken down.

    Visitor: 1,201,894
    IP address:
    IP lookup: ARIN / RIPE
    Hostname: barackobama.com
    Organization: Fastservers
    Operating system: Linux
    Web browser: Safari 3.1
    Actions from this session, oldest to newest:
    Date: Dec 3 2009
    Time: 7:22pm
    Action: unreasonablysafe.com/2009/12/03/obamaxmas/

    • lmao says:

      Safari doesn’t run on linux.

      Learn what browsers run on Linux, before making a statement like that.

      • Too Safe says:

        Safari 3 CAN run on linux with Wine. Don’t believe me why don’t you google the IP address and let me know. Check this link out
        Learn not to be a dumbass before making statements like that.

        • lmao says:

          Dude. I’m a freaking tech geek. I know you can. But it doesn’t work well in wine.

          Safari 3 only works EH on Windows, and the quality goes down most of the time in WINE with any app. Why? Because it was not coded for Linux.

          Was there a need to curse? Honestly, everyone getting so offended if someone points something out now-a-days.

          • ImaoIsAnIdiot says:

            “Safari doesn’t run on linux” doesn’t sound like you know. TooSafe was simply calling you out on a comment you made accusing him of lying. Basically Imao, you tried to come nerdy with it, and he turned around and owned you with a quick google search bitch slap.

            Now the real question is why isn’t anyone talking about Obama’s reluctance to change any other religion’s holiday other than Christians.

            • HeIsNotReally says:

              I don’t think lmao was unaware of WINE’s ability to run Safari 3.1. I think he neglected to mention it because it’s really stupid to go through the trouble of running Safari 3.1 on Linux when Firefox renders everything pretty much the same.

              Also Too Safe the only
              way for the barackobama.com IP to show up and not a residential is if they used
              cURL or something to both access the site and fake the user agent. Much
              more likely you just found out the IP of the site (quite easy) and made a mockup so don’t get too pissed when someone calls you out on a mistake you made in faking the log 😛

    • - says:

      maybe a campaign intern visited? any political pro wouldn’t have the tech interest to run *anything* in wine. (otoh, safari is like the ie for osx 😉 )

  6. Jason says:

    While moving Christmas may seem like a good idea at first to Obama, he also needs to realize that every single school across America has already planned for a winter break surrounding Christmas (Dec 25) and New Year’s (Jan 1). They have not planned anything around January 8th. You cant just move winter break all of the sudden. Additionally, many people have already booked travel plans for the days surrounding Dec 25. How are they ALL going to be able to suddenly change their plans?

  7. Tim says:

    This is a fake. No one is moving Christmas. Just kidding, they are.

  8. HA! says:

    Oh, come on! No one is moving Christmas! Obama would have had to make the change a lot earlier. Do you think anyone is going to change their plans? No. Even if Christmas was moved, everyone would still celebrate on Dec. 25th because that’s the date around which they have already planned flights, breaks, etc. I don’t know about you, but I will be starting a new semester a couple days before this “new” Christmas. I’ll be in class that day.

    Oh, and I agree. Our celebrating Christmas on Dec. 25th, does not mean that’s the day Christ was born.

  9. Natasha says:

    This is a joke right? I mean the “Change Christmas” sign on Obama’s podeum is clearly photoshoped. Whoever came up with this is very clever as so many have been fooled already .

  10. Natasha says:

    Oh and to people who have said Jesus doesn’t exist… you are crazy. Even if you don’t think he is the Son of God, no one denies that he was a real historical person

  11. Vondell Swain says:

    That’s not even a very convincing photoshop job, doods.

  12. my oh my conservative bloggers never cease to amaze me.. I’m just glad that we science minded, rational thinking, educated Americans won the election. When you look at blogs like mine & other liberal types you’ll find so many interesting topics. On the other hand conservative bloggers can think of nothing else to type except hatred & lies about the president. I think its going to backfire hard in 2012 when the American public looks at 4 years where the republicans did nothing except oppose our leader. I don’t agree with Obama’s political philosophy 100%, I don’t think the government has all or even half the answers, but I do know that I refuse to be on the same side of history as the republicans, the party that denies racist inclinations yet opposed civil rights, the party that keeps their mouths shut when it comes to homosexuality because its obviously becoming more accepted & they cannot pivot away from their hateful stance. So go on opposing healthcare reform & opposing rights & opposing marijuana & opposing science in favor of fake religious based wannabee science & we’ll just keep on opposing ya’ll. All we really ask is that you stop lying, really. I don’t kno how anyone could support a party that makes its arguments based on fake morality & a political philosophy that took us for a nosedive.

    • psychonauticalmindbloom IS an IDIOT says:

      @psychonauticalmindbloom – I think you should really read a little more of the stuff that’s on this site before you go running your mouth and advertising your shitty blog on here. I’ve read some of this site and I’m pretty sure its not conservative.

      • I don’t understand why people online cannot be civil.. Why can we not stoop to the level of personal attacks.. Maybe this is not a conservative blog, but this particular entry is. Now it doesn’t take too much to call somebody an idiot online. If we were in person I have a feeling things would be different.. Argue you points, but don’t act like a child.

        • Reread the article psycho.. says:

          This article is not conservative and this website is definately not conservative, look on the right side of the page at its esteemed colleagues.. This article never establishes its in any protest of Obama moving Christmas and takes a few shots at Fox News, “As expected, FoxNews has devoted a lot of coverage to Obama’s plans to change Christmas,” as well as, “FoxNews announced today that it will be organizing numerous “grassroots” pro-Xmas protesting events.” Notice grassroots is in quotations and obviously grassroots events arent organized by any corporation, especially a company as large as Fox. Thats where the “roots” part of grassroots comes from, people choosing on their own to act on something based on their core beliefs, not being paid to protest the way ACORN “organizes” people. No conservative would take blatent shots at Fox News like this as conservatives enjoy the truth and Fox News is the only main news corporation to deliver it( see recent global warming scandel). Democrats won the election because John Mccain was not a conservative and Obama did a great job of deceiving the average people that he was a moderate democrat and not really the guy that was voted the most liberal senator in the senate in 2007. Your extreme loony liberal beliefs are in the small minority and thankfully we dont have to wait until 2012 like you said, we only have to wait another 9 months before Americans who have been proud of their country for their whole lives( thanks for that ammo Michelle Obama) are elected back into the Senate and House.
          “I’m just glad that we science minded, rational thinking, educated Americans won the election.”…Dam, it feels GREAT to be so much more intelligent, rational, and educated than kooky libs like you.

          • mike says:


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  14. Pete Zich says:

    Looks like you guys could use some Photoshop help.

  15. anonymous says:

    american flag, christmas tree, shrubery, and sign in front of podium photoshoped…good one 🙂

  16. Pingback: Thomas-Galvin.com

  17. Jerry "Purple Prose Stimulus" Falwell says:

    This is why we warned you socialists to stop always trying to destroy christmas.
    If you had voted for George Bush again in 2008, he would have said, “christmas once shame on you, christmas twice shame on you, christmas three times shame on you, christmas 4 times shame on you, christmas 5 times shame on you, christmas 6 times shame on you, christmas 8 times shame on you, christmas 12 times shame on you, we’ll have a lot of partridges.”
    That’s a lot of capitalist christmas buying!

    But your obama is such a socialist pacifist, he has only one christmas!
    And he’s forcing muslim santa’s down our throats! That’s Anti-American socialism!

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