Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Video Games

Bernie's Laserblast

Helen Keller: Agent Black Out

Antiques Roadshow 2

Rock Band

Kamikaze Hero

Kaboom Time

Sabado Gigante 09

Sticky Balls

The Silent Observer


The Waiting Game Extreme

Left 4 Dead

Wii Fucker


Stray Singing Cats

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive... he's Blind!

I'm glad I'm not your Mother

Lesbian Horse Stories

Remodeling A Bathroom Before Anyone Notices

What's Wrong With my Tits?

Farts built to Last

Cooking with Pooh


Al Sharpton's Needlepoint

Tell the teacher...

Living with Kids and Rabid Dogs

Famous Rapes of 1990s

How to Avoid Huge Ships

F**k it

Identifying Wood

Grandpa's Dead

More Boners


How to Shit in the Woods



Razors on the Firepole

That's not my pussy....

Compound Racial Slurs

Went Walking

I can hit that shit

Natural Harvest


Cheney Calendars 2009

Amish on Crack 2009

Toys & Games

Connect None

Perfect Strangers

Rocky Meat

Redneck Doll

Racist Doll

What the F*ck?

Poopy Time

Gay Bob

Invisibl Jim

Love Boat

Prison Rape

Weird "Toy"

Hitler Doll


Deer Bust Kareoke

Visual Alarm Clock

USB finger dancer

Teach your cat to read

Telekenetic obstacle course

Pillow Stashe

The 4 way Shocker

Wearable Internet Security

Finger Food Plates

Religious Gifts

Light Switch

Pope Cologne

Bacon Themed Gifts

bacon briefcase

Bacon Tuxes



bacon flavored floss

bacon air freshners

lip balm

Bacon Wallet


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  1. randomBLOG says:

    those are awsome …. check out my ‘stripper hero’ ps3 parody on my site

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