Most Awesomely Weird Album Covers I

Volume 1.  Ventriloquists and the Dummies that love them

Much like a magician who performs in pitch darkness, a ventriloquist who records an album defies all logic.  When these albums were first released it caused a major backlash within the ventriloquist community. Many ventriloquists, (aka “Manipulators”) vehemently opposed having their work recorded, fearing their reputations as skilled performers would be tarnished. I think they would’ve seen it differently had they known how kick ass these album covers were going to be.


2 Responses to Most Awesomely Weird Album Covers I

  1. Donna Campbell says:

    Manipulators of dummies: ventriloquists
    Ventriloquist recordings about Jesus and other Bible stories: manipulators of dummies

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