Inmate Allergic to Execution Drug: Dies from Lethal Injection

Inmate argued allergies to lethal injection drug might cause him to die before he’s killed

Execution Drug 1 ... This guy 0

Daryl Durr, a convicted serial rapist and murderer, was put to death today.  Last week, Durr’s attorneys said that according to Durr’s prison medical record, he was allergic to anesthesia. Due to these allergies, they argued he could not be executed by lethal injection because Ohio uses a large dose of anesthesia to execute inmates. They added that if injected, Durr might have a violent allergic reaction causing his blood pressure to drop to dangerous levels, and suffer obstructed breathing causing him to die.

The State’s response was that there was no proof that Durr would have an allergic reaction and die before he was already dead. The worst that could happen would be that he’d die from low blood pressure and impaired breathing before the execution drug killed him. Durr’s appeal was denied, and was injected with the execution drug and suffered no apparent complications or any noticeable adverse reaction other than death.


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