About Too Safe

The man, the myth, the mystery, the magic.  The new blog from the deranged mind of Too Safe, (or 2Sayf for my hood peeps), the legendarily mediocre writer who brought you all the other stuff you already really like. Look and you’ll probably find hard hitting fluff reporting, realistic-sounding commentary about politics, news, and other amusing aspects of our daily lives.  Too Safe is a full time fighter and part time lover who loves his soups hot and his news flashes ice cold. Want street cred? G’ up with a free subsciziption to my RSS feed.

When an object (or act) that is so exceedingly and/or unnecessarily safe the object (or act) is no longer safe but quite dangerous and becomes unreasonably safe.

B-Eazy & me after our yearly Too-G Conference.

B-Eazy & me after our yearly Too-G Conference.



5 Responses to About Too Safe

  1. SandRider says:

    Boxxy ? is that you ?

  2. Valerie Shaw says:

    There is nothing mediocre about this site or the writing. It’s brilliant! I believe that satire, as evidenced by the popularity of Colbert and Stewart, is the only way to combat the meanness and the madness. I discovered the glenbeckrapedandmurderedayounggirlin1990.com website because of his proposed lawsuit. I hope he sues your pants off…you’ll be rich and famous in no time. Congratulations!!!

    Your parodies have so much potential to build (or take down) careers. [Glenn’s frog demonstration, your commentary and the page layout were mind-blowing]. Progressives have wondered aloud what can take down Beck and I think you’re proving that humor can. Thank you!!!

  3. %9 noisymeditation says:

    boxxy is the love of my life i need her so badly?

  4. Benjamin Wendell says:

    I love this blog! Keep up the good work.
    Ben Wendell

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