Inmate Allergic to Execution Drug: Dies from Lethal Injection

Inmate argued allergies to lethal injection drug might cause him to die before he’s killed

Execution Drug 1 ... This guy 0

Daryl Durr, a convicted serial rapist and murderer, was put to death today.  Last week, Durr’s attorneys said that according to Durr’s prison medical record, he was allergic to anesthesia. Due to these allergies, they argued he could not be executed by lethal injection because Ohio uses a large dose of anesthesia to execute inmates. They added that if injected, Durr might have a violent allergic reaction causing his blood pressure to drop to dangerous levels, and suffer obstructed breathing causing him to die.

The State’s response was that there was no proof that Durr would have an allergic reaction and die before he was already dead. The worst that could happen would be that he’d die from low blood pressure and impaired breathing before the execution drug killed him. Durr’s appeal was denied, and was injected with the execution drug and suffered no apparent complications or any noticeable adverse reaction other than death.


Most Awesomely Weird Album Covers II

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Most Awesomely Weird Album Covers I

Volume 1.  Ventriloquists and the Dummies that love them

Much like a magician who performs in pitch darkness, a ventriloquist who records an album defies all logic.  When these albums were first released it caused a major backlash within the ventriloquist community. Many ventriloquists, (aka “Manipulators”) vehemently opposed having their work recorded, fearing their reputations as skilled performers would be tarnished. I think they would’ve seen it differently had they known how kick ass these album covers were going to be.

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Video Games

Bernie's Laserblast

Helen Keller: Agent Black Out

Antiques Roadshow 2

Rock Band

Kamikaze Hero

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Obama urging Congress to officially postpone Christmas for two weeks

President to move Christmas to 1/8/10- cites decline in consumer spending

Obama speaking to members of the Change Christmas Coalition (CCC) earlier this morning.

Washington D.C. – President Obama met with members of the National Holiday Committee earlier today to allegedly discuss the official postponing of Christmas this year until January 8, 2010. The President, and many of his chief financial advisors, feel that the two week delay should provide the economy with a much needed jolt heading into the new year. The theory is that by allowing those Americans who are still employed to collect another paycheck, they would spend more on gifts for the holidays. This would in effect, extend the holiday shopping season well into next month.

Given the controversial nature of such a decision its understandable why the President had been trying to keep the plans a secret. Especially, when you consider that Obama would be the first President to ever request a delay of a national Holiday. The President has reportedly made it clear that all he wants to do is delay the gift-exchange portion of the holiday, and not Jesus Christ’s birthday. However, news of the possible Christmas move is already rubbing some Americans the wrong way.

As expected, FoxNews has devoted a lot of coverage to Obama's plans to change Christmas.

Most of the President’s opposition is bound by the common idea of not wanting government to intervene into their religious and festival affairs, especially on the day of their savior’s birth. “This is unconstitutional and down right offensive, the government has no power to reschedule Jesus’ birthday like that,” said James Tooker, a concerned citizen at an Pro-Xmas rally. He later added, “I mean, if Jesus and his buddies needed a couple extra bucks, you know… I don’t think he’d ask Obama to move his birthday two weeks.” Another pro-Xmas supporter present at the rally was Gail Stevens, who was holding up a sign that read- MOVIN’ X-MAS IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL. When she was asked to point to the exact clause in the Constitution where it is stated that Obama cannot move Christmas, the woman declared, “you want a specific clause huh?… how ’bout Santa Clause — I don’t think his name having the word clause in it is any coincidence.” The movement to keep Christmas unchanged seems to be gaining momentum as FoxNews announced today that it will be organizing numerous “grassroots” pro-Xmas protesting events in the upcoming weeks. Read more of this post

Obama declares Biden Motorcade a threat to national security

Obama: VP’s accidents have saved or created 29 jobs in the medical and auto-body repair industry

Why does Biden's motorcade have a deep seated hatred of pedestrians?

Biden's motorcade en-route to a fund raiser in Albuquerque.

NEW YORK CITY, NY  –  Earlier today, President Obama finally responded to the public outcry of concerned citizens everywhere by officially declaring that VP Biden’s motorcade poses a threat to national security. So does any other vehicle, motorcycle, or Rascal Scooter even remotely associated with Biden. President Obama stated that all of Biden’s upcoming engagements for the next eight days have been canceled or rescheduled, and that the VP will be prohibited from using any official motorcades until further notice.

The media was expecting an official statement from Biden himself on the rumors, but he was noticeably absent from the impromptu press conference. But, Obama reassured Americans that, “the carnage Biden’s motorcade has left in its wake is very unfortunate. And I want to take this opportunity to make it very clear that the United States government is not in the business of injuring or killing its citizens by having Biden’s motorcade crash into them and their cars.” The President then added, “I always try to look at the brighter side of things, and according to initial figures, it looks like 29 jobs were saved or created because of Biden’s accidents. We are projecting that when its all said and done with, Biden’s accidents will have saved or created a total of 104 jobs. Granted, most of those jobs will be in the medical and auto-body repair industries, but they are jobs nonetheless.”

Biden's chauffeur doesn't believe in stopping for pedestrians.

The President’s declaration follows news that for the fourth time in eight days, vehicles associated with Biden have been involved in an injury-causing accident. One of the more publicized of Biden’s crashes occured on Tuesday evening. when an unmarked police car helping to escort the VP to a taping of The Daily Show in Manhattan, collided with a delivery cab.

That came on the heels of Biden-caused accident #2 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the VP was in town as the keynote speaker at a $1000/plate fundraiser dinner for local politicians. In that accident, a sheriff’s vehicle traveling in Biden’s motorcade collided with another vehicle. Luckily, this accident caused the least amount of damage as only one police officer was injured. Read more of this post

Glenn Beck’s attempt to rape and murder 1st Amendment in 2009- fails

Court decides Beck can’t ‘rape and kill’ domain name

Roman Polanski and Glenn Beck = rapists

The master and his apprentice.

The alleged victim of a rape and murder in 1990 can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing those seeking justice on her behalf will not be silenced by the likes of Glenn Beck any time soon. That’s because the FoxNews show host, and rumored suspect, Glenn Beck lost his lawsuit against Isaac Eiland-Hall over the domain name of his site – glennbeckrapedand This decision has made it safe again to ask the question at the heart of the controversy- Did Glenn Beck rape and kill a woman in 1990? And, if he didn’t why hasn’t he denied the allegations?

Due to Beck’s silence on the issue, concerned Americans are no closer to answering the question today than when the story broke back in the beginning of September. The site in question was created almost immediately after news of Beck’s possible involvement in the 1990 rape became public. The site has become the headquarters for concerned citizens devoted to discovering the truth behind the vicious rumor that Glenn Beck raped and killed a woman in 1990. Although Beck has not publicly addressed the allegations, he clearly wants these rumors to go away as evidenced by his botched attempted cover up, which was debunked right here on

The decision is a significant win for not only vaginal rights advocates, but also for freedom of speech lovers too. Because had the ruling gone in Beck’s favor, it would’ve surely discouraged the public from investigating more unsolved 1990 Glenn Beck rape and murder cases. Although, the court remained silent on the actual rumor itself, its ruling clearly leaves the door wide open for further questioning of Beck’s supposed innocence. Some have even suggested that based on Swiss customs, the court’s silence actually means that it is interested in hearing Beck’s side of the story and he should promptly confirm or deny the allegations in a very detailed affidavit. Others were less sympathetic, one anonymous observer of the Beck case said, “regardless whether WIPO is in Switzerland or not- the fact is we let him walk out of that courtroom without handcuffs. I mean and we had him in our midst and we let him walk right out the front door- we should have busted him for rape and murder and asked questions last. It’s likely that the poor woman in 1990 would have wanted it that way- because I’m pretty sure he didn’t ask for permission before he raped her and killed her.”  Heart candy

Surprisingly, Beck’s supporters have joined his detractors in openly criticizing him and his lawsuit for being deceptively hypocritical. Many cite his characterization of the freedom of speech as, “our most precious right” and people’s ability to speak out as “the supposed watchdog of our Republic.” Beck seems to think the First Amendment only applies when he’s the one hurling offensive insults and allegations, and not when he becomes the target of allegations. Because, while Beck was claiming his freedom of speech protected his brand of incendiary rhetoric from White House criticism of FoxNews, he was simultaneously trying to prevent others from exercising their right to speak out against him. Read more of this post

20 Signs Society is Becoming Too Safe

When Safety Measures become Unreasonably Safe

We live in a society governed by Fear. We are encouraged to fear risks that our predecessors took for granted. The result is a temptation to never leave the house and ignore the fact that any human activity involves some risk to life and limb. Safety Experts have even warned that trying to make the world 100% safe is not only impossible, but dangerous too.
Parents need to realize that kids need to fly off their bikes without helmets, get shot by a BB gun at point blank range, and narrowly escape the bite of an angry dog. Their lives will be richer because they will learn the consequences of risk-taking, how to scramble, improvise, and think for themselves. With so much to gain from experiencing life’s minor risks and dangers, why is it that today’s generation of parents are failing to pass this value on to their kids? The following pictures might provide some helpful insight.
Stop Sign

20. Checkmate. Sign (1) - You (0).


19. Notice the safety string preventing anyone from walking between the cones.


18. Contrary to what the contents might suggest, this package may contain only traces of nuts.

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Beck tosses innocent frog into boiling pot of water on air – for fun

Not to rain on Beck’s crazy parade, but his little ‘experiment‘ was soo 90’s, as in 1690’s – it was called the Salem Witch Trials

Yes, you just witnessed a man kill a frog by tossing it into a pot of boiling water on live TV for no apparent reason, other than to prove to his critics, once and for all, that he’s a homicidal lunatic who can’t be trusted near amphibians. Beck was simply doing what he does best, which is to formulate some ridiculous argument/opinion based solely on a myth, only this time he tossed a live frog into a pot of boiling water.

The frog, who is survived by four tadpoles, was said to be a kind soul who had a zeal for life and truly enjoyed living. Friends of the frog claim he was a progressive environmentalist and a big supporter of green jobs. At his eulogy earlier today, his teary-eyed brother said “Ribbet!! My little bro didn’t die in vein- in fact, I couldn’t imagine a better way my brother would’ve wanted to go than by (sniffling) – exposing Beck for the crazy lying killer that he is.”

Frog-gate has already spawned another Beck book.

Frog-gate has already spawned another Beck book. Can you say stocking stuffer?! "Frogs: Boil Them Alive" is scheduled to hit shelves in earlier December - just in time for Christmas!

Sources close to the family say they were especially outraged by Beck’s dismissive comment- “forget about the frog,” he said immediately after realizing he had committed murder. The frog’s family plan on filing a wrongful death suit in the hopes of raising awareness of Beck’s murderous ways. Upon hearing of the family’s plans to sue him, Beck issued what can only be described as a heartless response. The douchey FoxNews show host actually had the audacity to claim the frog was a prop. So it’s not enough to end an innocent frog’s life- no, no- he felt compelled to add insult to injury by dismissing the frog as fake.

For argument’s sake, let’s assume for a moment that the frog was in fact a prop. Why would Beck rest his whole premise on showing viewers how they have to “jump out of the pot” in response to Obama’s policies- only to use a prop frog he knows can’t jump out of the pot. Does he secretly want viewers to stay in the pot of boiling water and die like the frog? I don’t get it. Read more of this post

Top 25 No sh!t Sherlock Headlines

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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South African runner has got balls to deny genetics test results

Semenya showing off her womanly curves.

Semenya showing off her womanly curves.

The results of an investigation into the gender of South African runner Caster Semenya have been released and test shows its an … it. Concerns were raised over her his its masculine appearance following its victory in the women 800m race in the world championships last month. The tests shows that Semenya has testicles where her ovaries should be. The runner immediately rejected the claims that she has internal man parts, and says the claims are the product of jealousy over her talent to run really fast.

A source close to the genetics tests told Unreasonably Safe Observer: “This is evidence Semenya is a hermaphrodite, you know like Jaime Lee Curtis.”  The source added: “The chick has got some balls to deny the results of a genetics test which clearly show she actually has balls.”   86d47a81e32d45a18eadf994d267b9c2

In a shocking turn of events, which can only be described as a 830f77d99c1d12373stroke of marketing genius, the runner says she has signed a lucrative deal to pose for both Playboy and Playgirl magazines. Her agent Sal Goldberg said: “The magazine deals are just the beginning, Semenya has got the X factor and the Y chromosome to really take the endorsement business to the next level, she’s going to be the spokesperson for a huge segment of the population that until now has gone untapped.” Goldberg added: “Remember what Micheal Jordan did for basketball, well, Semenya is going to do the same but for chicks with balls in them.” Read more of this post

Obama’s speech to students results in many children now claiming: “Communism is the best!!”

Right wing’s irrational fears of Obama turning their kids into socialists realized

Professor Obama at work teaching his class the fundamentals.

Professor Obama at work teaching his class the fundamentals.

WASHINGTON D.C., –  President Obama planned on giving the nation’s students a little pep talk on their first day of school today.  However, news of the speech riled the feathers of many right wing pundits who viewed the speech as an effort by the President to indoctrinate the nation’s students into socialism. Some parents saw Obama’s speech as such a threat that they kept their children home today, and others requested their children be excluded from viewing the President’s speech. The outrage and protest amongst these parents was not enough to derail the speech, which went off without a hitch as the majority of the nation’s students viewed the President’s address.

Evidence of the speech's impact could be found in this fourth grade class picture, which clearly shows the students have embraced communism.

Evidence of the speech's impact could be found in this fourth grade class picture, which clearly shows the students have embraced communism.

The President’s speech focused on creating a responsibility amongst students for their own education, and did not contain anything in the way of proclaiming socialist or communist ideals. Despite the speech’s complete lack of political agenda, the immediate impact of the speech was nothing short of shocking, as now an overwhelming number of the nation’s students are  self-proclaimed communists.

The results of the speech could be found in speaking with area school children immediately after the airing of the President’s speech. One area second grader, Timmy Goldstein exalted, “from each, according to his ability; to each, according to his needs.” Another area first grader Stacy Davidson stated, ” we the proletariat, will be victorious in overthrowing the bourgeoisie.” Comments like these have become commonplace in schools throughout the nation. One area school even reported that a kindergarten class turned to violent protest over their right to use only red colored crayons for a coloring assignment in which they were asked to color an ocean scene.  Read more of this post

Awesomest Obama Paintings Ever

This is just a little taste of the awesomeness that’s inside…. The painting below might be an indication that Obama wasn’t born in the US – he was born in dreamland.  Bob Ross would be jealous!  Click read more to see the rest…

Look at how magestic Unicorn Force 1 looks in the background.

Look at how magestic Unicorn Force 1 looks in the background.

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John Boehner’s tanning spray recalled

Despite numerous warnings from the Surgeon General that continued use of tanning sprays would only make him look like more of a douche, Boehner vowed to continue using his products.

Despite numerous warnings from the Surgeon General that continued use of tanning sprays would only make him look like more of a douche, Boehner vowed to continue using his products.

House Minority leader John Boehner’s signature sunless tanning spray has been recalled by Naranja Skin Co. due a growing number of customer complaints.  The Ohio representative’s Deep Orange MicroMist Tanning spray had enjoyed national success until numerous customers recently needed to be hospitalized because they suffered adverse effects from using the spray. Thirteen people, in all, needed emergency care when continued use of the spray caused:  impaired vision (red only color visible); uttering of nonsensical statements without justification; and a complete inability to empathize with others.

Although the Naranja Skin Co. claimed the hospitalizations were isolated incidents, it issued a formal apology and has also called for an immediate recall of all sold and unsold product.  Boehner characterized Naranja’s recall as a precautionary move and stood by the products’ formula, claiming “hey look at me you don’t see me crapping my pants and my skin burning aint off!”

Break me off a lil spritz of that Boehmer sheeeet!

Break me off a lil spritz of that Boehn-asty sheeeet!

The most common side effects customers complained of was unexplained sensations of elitism, and sudden bouts of douchy attitude. These side effects were no secret to Boehner and Naranja, as the products’ warning labels explicitly cautioned users about those very conditions. Boehner explained, “when you look this good and tan, you can’t help but feel better than everyone, plus you aren’t afraid to let them know either.”

Originally marketed for middle aged men and women, Boehner’s spray surprisingly gained a loyal following amongst the 16-22 demographic, especially in the Philadelphia and New Jersey markets.  When word spread of the recall, mobs of orange roided-out fans stormed local pharmacies looking to stock up on the potent spray.  “I can’t go a day without my Boehner’s… son, cause the honeys be loving my orangeness kisses” said one area young man.  No word yet if the hospitalized customers are seeking legal action or not.

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20 Stupidest Prostester Signs

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects everyone’s freedom of speech and right to peaceably assemble.  However, the Constitution doesn’t have any intelligence requirements to exercise those rights….

20.  Juice is pretty harmless, if not healthy for you

20. Juice is pretty harmless, if not healthy for you

14.  Ummm....they did in 1936

19. Ummm....they did in 1936

13.  Too easy

18. Too easy



17. Nice

16.  How true

16. How true


15. Creative reference to awesome 80's show

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