Oprah ending show because of Palin interview?

Oprah: “Palin left me with no hope for humanity.”

A frustrated Oprah seen here after wrapping her interview with Palin.

CHICAGO IL. — Oprah Winfrey’s legendary television talk show run will be coming to an end after 25 seasons on the air, her production company reported today. According to the Chicago-based Harpo Productions Inc., Winfrey is planning to announce the final date for The Oprah Winfrey Show on a live broadcast on Friday. The reason for her abrupt announcement – Sarah Palin.

It has been rumored that Winfrey has long thought Palin’s popularity was unwarranted because of the former governor’s questionable career decisions and insatiable thirst for the limelight. These feelings were evident to anyone who watched her recent interview of Palin. Those close to Oprah said she was visibly distraught after the interview and was overheard saying that America’s blind adoration with Palin made her believe she failed at her life’s work of empowering and educating women.

Winfrey has not tried to hide her political beliefs as she openly campaigned for President Obama during last year’s election and was even seen weeping on election night during his victory speech in Chicago’s Grant Park. However, many say her feelings on Palin go way beyond party politics, as one of the show’s producer’s claims that she believes Palin’s success is a clear indication that America is doomed and is too forgone to help. The anonymous producer said the Palin interview just proved to Winfrey that while she may have succeeded in raising the self-esteem of women everywhere, she clearly failed in “empowering women to get educated enough not to fall for the smoke and mirrors of a two-bit, propaganda spewing demagogue like Palin.”

Oprah is reportedly going to seeking counseling from Dr. Phill in the very near future.


Sarah Palin’s Publisher unhappy with her Disturbingly Graphic and Vulgar Memoir


The st

HarpersCollins released this preview pic of Palin's new book.

Ex-Alaskan Governor turned writer Sarah Palin ends her visceral debut book, Going Rogue: An American Life, with a stern warning that the shocking revelations about her life are all real, and believing otherwise “would be a very bad idea.”

“Ridiculous” might be more apt, particularly in reference to a key scene where supposedly her husband savagely ripped out his own fibula and used it as a weapon to ward off an angry bear from attacking the Palin family in 1994. In fact, “ridiculous” could describe the whole book as it moves from one preposterous event to the next. Take for example, the highly suspicious circumstances in which Palin says her son was conceived-  Sarah and Todd were somehow trapped in an overpopulated polar bear tank and decided that the best way to distract the hungry white beasts while they await rescue was by having sex. Because according to Palin “My daddy always told me, it’s hard to remember you’re hungry when you’re watching two people go at it.”

Palin hopes her new book will do better than her first book writing effort.

Palin hopes her new book will do better than her first book "Juneteenth- adding pizazz to your boring old swastikas."

It’s a testament to the book’s amazing pop-up graphics and Palin’s pulsing narrative that her tale about a barely literate soccer-mom turned politician (with a penchant for shooting wolves from helicopters) is actually really entertaining. So entertaining in fact, that the book’s complete abandonment of logic and common sense are worth overlooking. What you get in return is vulgar, violent, giddy fun.

To satisfy the demands of the illiterate majority of Palin's fans- the book will also be released on cassette, with narration provided by long time Republican supporter Bobcat Goldwaith.

For Palin's illiterate fans: the book will also be available on cassette narrated by long time Republican supporter Bobcat Goldthwait.

However, HarperCollins, her publisher did not seem too impressed with the book upon first read and gave Palin an ultimatum- rewrite it or it won’t get printed. Read more of this post

Sarah Palin now offering Escort Services as part of fundraising campaign

Winning bidder ‘furious’ she overpaid for lunch with Sarah Palin

Maples says she feels "ripped off."

Maples pictured here, says she feels "ripped off." (Courtesy -FoxNews)

HUNTSVILLE, AL. – Defense contractor Cathy Maples won a lunch date with ex-Governor of Alaska and part-time blogger Sarah Palin. Maples won the Ebay auction to dine with Palin with a bid of $63,500, which is $23,500 more than what Palin usually charges customers for a “Lunch Date on me” according to Palin’s escort site. Sources close to Maples say the Church Lady look-alike is furious and is even thinking of canceling her bid.

Palin getting cozy during one of her famous double "Governor's special" sessions, which allows for customers to pull out before getting the job done.

Palin getting cozy during one of her famous double "Governor's special" sessions, which allows for customers to pull out before getting the job done.

One such source who spoke with Unreasonably Safe Observer is Willie Cunningham, an ex-employee and close friend of Maples. Cunningham told us that, “had Cathy known about Palin’s escort site she would’ve never bid more than $40,000,” and added, “heck, Cathy is even paying $3500 more than what Palin charges for dinner dates.” Cunningham also said, “even though Cathy told me she hasn’t gone lez for another chick in quite sometime, she is expecting whatever is included in the ‘Lunch date on me’- and hopes the lunch is in a private setting so they can get right to dessert.” Read more of this post