John Boehner wearing Ed Hardy ties now? Becomes official representative of douchebags everywhere

Ed Hardy douche bag plague claims House Minority leader John Boehner

The French designer of Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, always dreamed of coming to the United States and shitting on every product in our everyday lives.  For, the most part he’s succeeded, as Ed Hardy is on everything from carpet cleaning sprays, incense. tampons and now around John Boehner’s neck. It is being reported that Boehner signed an exclusive contract with Audigier, in which he’ll wear Hardy’s crayola-diarrhea neck apparel in return for a large campaign donation come this fall from Audigier. Is the GOP that desperate for cash?  Maybe…. Is  Boehner now the official d-bag party representative? Yes, was there ever a doubt?


4 Responses to John Boehner wearing Ed Hardy ties now? Becomes official representative of douchebags everywhere

  1. marya says:

    Where do you kids get that terrible language! Shame on your parents for not teaching you better, or maybe you too were raised by a Marxist leaning grandfather and cannot stand anyone who is not like you. Hmm, is that Marxism or Narcisism? Both!!!

    • Too Safe says:

      WTF are you talking about? So, let me get this straight before my head explodes – you criticize the PG-12 language used here, then try to connect its use with communism? Wow… I feel like I’m actually dumber having simply rewritten your comment. Censoring other people’s language is a big part of communism. So in reality your comment was actually super-unpatriotic for trying to infringe on my freedom of speech lady.

      Anyways, do me a favor Marya and don’t use any word ending in “-ism” – it just makes you sound stupid. Unless of course the word starts with either the letter J or G, and is strictly being used to answer a question to the effect of … “where do you want me to shoot it?”

    • John "Bayener-toned" Boehner says:

      After repealing socialist haircare, our first tbagging legislative crusade will be to ban that poopiefaced communist word “crayola”! Thank you for your Bush/Cheney votes!

  2. What’s with the hair.
    He looks like Howdy Doody!

    In fact, the whole bunch of them are make-overs from the Howdy Doody Show!

    Revealed here for the first time!!!!

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